Where:  Chobe River & Okavango Delta, Botswana 

When:  May 2021

Price:  TBD

Group Size:  6  FULL

The Pantanal - Brazil

     Jaguars of the Pantanal

Where:  The Pantanal - Brazil

When:  June 14-22, 2021

Price:  5,400 per person, $550 SS

Group Size:  6  (2 spaces left)

     Maned Wolf Extension

Where:  Piaui State - Brazil

When:  June 22-27, 2021

Price:  $2,600 per person, $250 SS

Group Size:  4 - 6  (2 spaces left)


Where:  Serengeti, Tanzania

When:   April 7 - 15, 2019 

Price:   $7,200 - (3 spots left)

South Africa

Where:  Zimanga Reserve, South Africa

When:   April 17-21, 2019 

Price:    $2,500 (FULL)

About Barb

Barbara Fleming is an internationally award winning wildlife photographer. She has traveled extensively throughout the Serengeti ecosystem over the past decade and now leads tours there.

Her studies of anthropology, primatology and psychology as an undergraduate provide her with a strong foundation for understanding and photographing wildlife in the field.

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Phone: 719-332-9875

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