"I have traveled to Africa with Barbara, and have also had the privilege of spending a few days photographing wildlife with her in the United States. She is, without a doubt, a wonderful, knowledgeable professional who exudes patience and kindness with her clients, and to top it off, is loads of fun to be around. Barbara’s enthusiasm for wildlife is contagious, and I plan to return to Africa in April with her. I have learned a great deal from her - from camera settings to composition to image processing - and I know my continued passion for wildlife photography is fueled by her engaging personality and teaching skills. I highly recommend Fleming Safari Company."  -  Melissa, Vestal, NY,  2017

"In June this year, Barbara met me, my husband and a close friend in Johannesburg for a South African safari to the Zimanga Private Reserve. Prior to our departure, she helped us with flight arrangements and shared her vast knowledge about photography and South African wildlife. Thanks to her insights, our preparations for our trip from Colorado was seamless.

Our photo safari to Zimanga would be the trip of a lifetime for us. To make sure we would each come home with quality photographs, Barbara met with us several times to help us become more familiar with our cameras and to give us insights into wildlife photograph. One of those meetings was at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo where she offered us tips and real-life experience about photographing wild animals. Barbara was always patient and encouraging. But what we admired most is how enthusiastic and passionate Barbara is about wildlife photography and conservation.

Thanks to Barbara, our stay and experience at Zimanga was truly magical. On every game drive, Barbara and our very capable driver gave us an education into animal behavior which provided us with the very real possibility of anticipating and then capturing something extraordinary with our cameras." - Kathy and Mark, Colorado Springs, CO,  2017

"I want to recommend Barbara Fleming's Safari Company for your trip to Africa. I joined Barbara this past May on the Chobe River in Botswana. All details were handled without a problem. With her connection with CNP safaris, with their specially built boats and use of long telephoto lens and pro Nikon cameras, I did not have to carry a lot of camera equipment with me. The accommodations and food were great and the instructions were superb. In fact I am hoping to return this coming August. I will give her five stars." - Myer, Boston, MA 2017

"Great photographer - very aware of light and background … excellent understanding of animal behavior to anticipate the shot … wonderful teacher … patient and really dedicated to getting the best shot … a professional who works really well w the driver and camp staff." - Don and Barb, Illinois, 2016

"Just want to say I've traveled to Africa with Barbara three times and each time was an exceptionally good time. I am a published writer and photographer and I felt each time my photography had improved thanks to Barb's generosity and knowledge. She is a warm, friendly, happy, helpful person. Can't say enough good things about her." -  Cathleen, New York,  2015

"Barb organized a family safari for 8 of us. I cannot say enough: Trip of a lifetime...Cherished memories...Everything was first-class...We are still talking about it! The next year she did the same for a friend of mine and his extended family. Barb is the best!" - Peter, Colorado,  2011

About Barb

Barbara Fleming is an internationally award winning wildlife photographer. She has traveled extensively throughout the Serengeti ecosystem over the past decade and now leads tours there.

Her studies of anthropology, primatology and psychology as an undergraduate provide her with a strong foundation for understanding and photographing wildlife in the field.

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Phone: 719-332-9875
Email: flemingsafarico@outlook.com

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