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About Barb:

Barbara Fleming is an international award winning wildlife photographer who has traveled throughout Africa since 2006, searching and photographing endangered species to include the African wild dog, cheetah and lion. More recently she has traveled to India in search of the Bengal tiger, Nepal to look for the one-horned rhinoceros and Brazil to photograph the jaguar. Barbara is always searching for and trying to photograph animals that are remote, hoping to share her experiences through the visual world with those who may not have a chance to see for themselves. She uses her undergraduate studies in anthropology, primatology and psychology as well as her years of field experience to help her understand and photograph wildlife and their complex behavior. Her images have won awards in many national and international competitions. Many of the awarded images were also part of a gallery display in the country where the award was given. Internationally the galleries include: England,  France, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Russia.


National Wildlife Federation, US;  National Audubon Photo Contest, US National Geographic Photo Contest, US;  National Wildlife Refuge, US;  Defenders of Wildlife, US;  Share the View International Photo Contest, US;  Chromatic Awards, International Color Photography Contest, US;  International Color Awards, US;  International Photography Awards , US;   North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA), US; Popular Photography Magazine, Your Best Shot Competition, US; Natures Best, Windland Smith Photo Competition, US; Benjamin Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards, US;   Bird Photographer of the Year, England;  Oasis Photography Contest, Italy;  Festival d’Osieau, France;  Siena International Photo Awards, Italy;  Moscow International Foto Awards, Russia;  Natures Best Africa, South Africa;   Tokyo International Foto Awards, Japan, Budapest International Foto Awards, Hungry.

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To see more of Barbara Fleming's work, please go to: Barbaraflemingphotography.smugmug.com

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